Awarded a town all of a sudden

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Awarded a town all of a sudden

Awarded a town all of a sudden – Even this one thing is completely unpredictable because like the beginning that was said, if the gift is given, it is definitely not how much and this is something different

In 1659 Portugal was abandoned by its ally France. Afraid of getting attacked from outside, Queen Luisa opened negotiations with the British to ally. This alliance was tied to the marriage of Charles II of England and Catherine of Braganza.

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As was the tradition at that time, gifts had to be given to the husband to ‘pay’ for his wife. Usually they will provide jewelry, diamonds, and others. But the gift Charles II received was even greater than that. He was granted two Portuguese colony cities, namely Tangiers and Bombay (currently Mumbai). The price of these two cities is of course priceless, considering that currently both cities are modern and developed cities that generate a lot of money.

Imagine if these two cities become an active city that makes them not have to work anymore, they only need to sit waiting for the money that will continue to flow without stopping, this prize is a very mature gift that is thought out for the future

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