Jewelry For Wedding Gifts

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Jewelry For Wedding Gifts

Jewelry For Wedding Gifts – of course jewelry is one of the common things to be used as a wedding gift, but what if the jewelry costs 1 unit of the house, will your partner still buy it for you?

Star of the East is a jewelery name with 95 carat diamonds in pear shape with 34 carat emerald in hexagon shape, and pearls. Jewelry which is a wedding gift for Evelyn Walsh Mclean, daughter of Thomas Walsh, a mining entrepreneur in the 1900s. Evelyn married Edward Beale McLean in 1908 and received Rp. 981 million from her father, for each of the brides. They were asked to use the money to buy wedding gifts.

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Finally, Evelyn chose the Star of East jewelery at a price of Rp. 1.4 billion as her wedding gift. Not only that, this couple also has to pay import tax for Star of East amounting to Rp 235 million. originating from one of the five groups of mines located on the eastern side of the Deccan Plateau in South and Central India which is the first Stone to appear in the collection of Sultan Abdul Hamid. It was later acquired by Pierre C. Cartier. In 1908, Evelyn Walsh McLean purchased the stone from Cartier while on her honeymoon with her husband Edward Beale McLean. The East Star then remained in McLean’s hands for about 40 years until his death.

he believed it was originally Ahmedabad, a rough diamond weighing 157.25 carats bought in India in the mid-17th century by Tavernier, a French gem dealer. He then cut it into 94.78 ct pear shape and reportedly dumped it in Persia. It then reappeared in the 19th century in the possession of Sultan Abdul Hamid II of Turkey, who also owned the Harapan diamond.

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