Tian Yacht for Birthday Present

25/05/2021 by - Birthday, Present

Tian Yacht for Birthday Present

Tian Yacht for Birthday Present – Birthday gifts that have been given very often are not far from clothes, pants or shoes, which are items that will indeed last a long time to wear and are needed.

what if this time give an expensive gift for one of the gifts such as a Yatch who is sure to give pleasure to the birthday person and also gives cancer to the person giving it because the price of the cruise ship is US $ 84 million or Rp 1.13 trillion (Exchange rate of US $ 1: Rp.13,450), making it the most expensive cruise ship.

like the story of one of these people who bought a cruise ship Tina received a cruise ship gift from her husband, Anil Ambani, who is the 6th richest person from India. The cruise ship is named Tian, ​​which comes from the names Tina and Anil. a gift that will definitely be liked and will not be used.

which is fair because they are the 6th richest person who buys a cruise ship like buying candy, but you can definitely do it, if your money is not radiant with the results of your hard work because there is nothing impossible in this world so just enjoy this life and collect as much money as possible

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