Valentine’s Day Given Jet

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Valentine’s Day Given Jet

Valentine’s Day Given Jet – usually when our valentine exchanges chocolates or gives love letters to people we like so that he or she knows that they feel as big as chocolate

but different from Tom Cruise who is perhaps one of the most famous actors in the world. On November 13, 2006, the Top Gun star married Katie Holmes in a lavish ceremony at a castle in Italy.

For their engagement, Cruise gave Holmes a diamond ring worth USD275 thousand, but for their wedding, Nicole Kidman’s ex-husband decided to give Holmes an even more luxurious gift, a customized Gulfstream IV private jet worth approximately USD20 million dollars. looks very cheap but for him it is just a sign that his love for his wife is really a romantic man

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surely there are many who want to be in the woman’s position because the gifts are not playing, let’s be quite grateful for what each of your partners has given them because they also have to collect money first to buy you a gift that you want.which later they can use the jet to travel together or to pick up their children who are at school even though they are not too far away, especially if they have to cross the island, even if that is not the affection of an actor on that one fight.

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